Locked-out-of-the-house blog and our next meeting.

So now is a good time to update as, for various reasons, I am locked out of my house. I am standing in my garage. I had that key. Anyway, we have a meeting on Wednesday (7/13) and I just found out that Justin who owns the the Star Bar has set up a bit of a meet and greet for us. Troy Casey from AC Golden Brewing Company is going to stop by and we are going to able to find out what is happening out in the secret corners and deep caverns of the Coors brewery. I am pretty excited.

I am sure I don’t have to tell you but AC Golden is pretty slick. They are the home of Colorado Native Lager among other things. Recently, at the Star Bar, AC Golden put some of their clandestine products on display. There was a Saison, a hefty Imperial Stout, and a wild ale finished on merlot grapes. They showed very well and across the board were quite tasty. I wish I had some more notes but well, it was a Friday night at the Star Bar. They usually end a certain way. So like I said before, this is pretty exciting and as our first guest from a brewery, let’s make Troy feel welcome. 7pm at 2137 Larimer Street, Denver CO 80202. Be there! It might be time to pick our next few club beers too. I will finally be finished packing and moving and I want to start brewing regularly again so I need some ideas.

Also, Jeff Washenberger, my brother and one of our members just sent me his idea for the club crest. What do you think? I kind of love it. For cartoon fun, visit Jeff’s fledgling webcomic at www.naked-famous.com

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