Hey all. Time to check in and I had a chance while on a plane back from New Orleans. There was drinking for sure and a few beers to be had but this is better left for another day.

As far as the club is concerned, we are still moving along but as we come into June, there are a few changes in the works. Due to a scheduling conflict and some transitions that are taking place at the Rackhouse Pub, We have to move our meeting to Wednesday June 8. This is the second Wednesday of the month. We figured that we would stick with Wednesday and since it is the week of Memorial Day it seemed OK to move it to the following week. Got it?

Due to the changes at the Rackhouse as well as the changing of the seasons we will be changing venues and we are attempting to secure new digs but I would love to hear some suggestions and ideas for new places to have our meetings. This is going to be critical. Let’s get together on this one. We do want to have one last fling at the Rackhouse and Chris Rippe has suggested that we have a brew-in in the parking lot. Sounds like a good time to me. What I will need to know is: How many folks are willing to bring burner set-ups down on a Saturday and brew some beer? I am game and I know that a few others have already signed on. I want to get a solid commitment to make this feasible. If we can put it together, and I know Chris as well as I think I do, it will be a rad time. I am going to be bugging you through facebook in the next few days to see what we can come up with.

Another event has been suggested. Scott Sibley has brought up a homebrew contest for charity. This seems like a good thing to do and I hope we can do a few things to entice brewers to come together for a good cause. Let us know what you want to do Scott!

Well, this turbulence sucks so I am going to sign off as my bowels are clenching and terror is digging deep. Get your saisons together and I will see you on the 8th of June.

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One Response to Saisons!

  1. I really need to get a burner and such, don’t I?? Brewing on the stove is too restrictive. I’m down to show up and help out with anyone else that has the means to brew, though! I can really help out in any way necessary.

    As far as a venue – I wouldn’t mind hosting a backyard meeting over the summer. If we can’t find anything permanent in the next month, just know the yard is huge, my restroom is clean, and I make a mean artichoke dip. 🙂

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