Hey, everybody! It is time for another meeting!

Here we go again. Be at the Rackhouse Pub at 7 o’clock tomorrow for the second Denver Homebrew Club. Bring your tasty beers and anyone who is interested in homebrewing. I hope to discuss our collaborative brewing and tasting. That is going to require your input and ideas so we can make it as fun as possible. Can we plan a brew-in? Also, I am working on getting some people to come and speak on various beer-related subjects at future meetings. Come with some ideas on what you would like folks to talk about. I know we can all go to breweries and get a lot of information but I think we can get a much more personal touch if we reach out to industry folks.

Alright, I hope to see a lot of faces tomorrow night with some good beers in hand.


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2 Responses to Hey, everybody! It is time for another meeting!

  1. kortney says:

    MISSED IT BY ONE DAY. Just got word of the club via Denver Off the Wagon. I’ll be watching, following Twitter, and ready to show up to the next meeting! This sounds like the right brew club for me.


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