A New Meeting And A Late Blogger…

Hey! There is a new meeting coming up! It is on Wednesday March 9 at the Rackhouse Pub. Cool. I am excited. I have been thinking a lot about what we should talk about. I really want to do an overview of tasting from a technical perspective and Josh and I have both put a few feelers out to some people who are involved in the Beer Judge Certification Program who might be able to give us some insight into tasting like a judge. BJCP judges do a lot of tasting and testing to get certifications to judge in competitions throughout the home and craft beer community. I think, if anyone can help our tasting methods, these guys might be able to. Alas, I have been a bit remiss in getting things done and I really don’t think that I have it put together well enough to give it the credit it deserves. It needs a bit of attention and I am going to wait a month.

I think we need to give a little time to some ideas I had about brewing beers for tasting at meetings. Something that I am pretty stoked about is having some, if not all of us, brewing a beer of the same style for comparison at a future meeting. There are a few permutations of this idea that we can use and they all have their own merits. We can do style with no particular recipe, we can do the same recipe, we can convert extract to all-grain and the other way around. Regardless of the way we do it we should be able to find some interesting things about our various brewing methods.

I guess what I want you to be thinking about it is how you want to handle this. We can do something as simple as pull a style out of a hat or if someone has any screaming reason or is compelled by a bizarre deity to brew a particular style, we can entertain that too. I will come with some details that I think need to be addressed and we will hash it out and start some collaborative brews.

Also, I want to mention how much support I have been given for this and that I appreciate it. I hope to see everyone back again this month even though the notice is a bit short. This month, don’t forget to bring a little information with the beers that you bring so we can get some insight into your beers even if you aren’t standing next to it.

Oh, if anyone is interested in finding out more or becoming a BJCP judge yourself, visit www.bjcp.org and read more. You can visit our facebook page to let us know if you are attending or just surprise us at 7pm at the Rackhouse Pub in the events space with your tasty homebrew in hand.

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