It has been decided! Let’s get together.

Well, here we go. I have talked with a few people and had some discussions and we are setting a date for the first Denver Union Of People Who Like To Make And Talk About Beer. You can call it a Homebrew Club if you want. We are going to meet on Wednesday, February 9 at Denver’s Rackhouse Pub. I think we should get underway at 7:00 PM for those who might have to get up early the following morning.

So what are we in store for? Well, I am not entirely sure yet. I have been discussing it with a number of people and think I have a loose concept. Beer is excellently complex and getting more so by the day. People are always having new flavors and styles thrown at them as the “craft beer” movement takes over. What I have noticed an awful lot is that the average person isn’t aware how beer is made or how easy it is to do. The best part about being homebrewers is having that knowledge. We need to pass that around and get it out there. So I am asking everyone to bring someone who is not a brewer. We can take a look at what it takes to brew at home and maybe we can convince a few people to take the plunge and start brewing their own beer.

I will cobble together the base components for a solid entry level homebrewing kit to display and remind all of us veterans of where we came from. All of those homebrewers that are willing to, should bring along a sample of their beers. If we all bring a growler or some bottles we should be able to put together a nice sampling of styles. Also, just to make us all a bit invested, everyone bring their own tasting cup. If your tasting cup is an ancient goblet or made from the skull that was ripped from the slayer of your father, well, I guess there is nothing wrong with interesting stories or creativity. As far as the structure of the meeting, I am going to run it in a free form sort of manner and we will figure it out as we go.

As much as I wanted this first meeting to be in a garage, I have to thank Chris at the Rackhouse Pub for offering us a place to go where we won’t freeze our asses off while huffing gas fumes from my neighbors leaky “vintage” Volkswagen. Josh, one of the Rackhouse’s servers and a solid member of the bigbeercrawl has helped push us in that direction and I think we will all be more comfortable.

Rad. I am excited and looking forward to seeing everyone there.


By the way, if anyone has a line on a human skull drinking cup, let me know. That would be cool to have.

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6 Responses to It has been decided! Let’s get together.

  1. Scott says:

    Great! I’ll be dragging a couple of buddies along. I have a replica of Cousin Eddy’s egg nog cup – sorry I don’t have any skull and cross bones. However, I bet the guys at Ska must has something close.

  2. matt says:

    perfect timing, man. getting ready to buy my first kit. don’t know if you’re looking for RSVPs, but i’ll be there.

    • eninelpirt says:

      I will have a facebook event invite up shortly for RSVPs but this is as good a place as any. Looking forward to seeing you!

  3. BOFH says:

    Being new to the homebrew I’ll be looking forward in meeting other Beer Monkeys!!!

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