Kegged up my 80/-

So as I was putting my 80/- in a keg today, I was trying to think of a number of things I could talk about here.

I got nothin’ except the real pit of the thing: KEGGING IS BETTER THAN BOTTLING.

If you want to make your brewing life a hell of a lot easier, you should find a way to put your more common beers in a keg in a separate fridge. I know it takes some extra room but there are some options out there for most users. I use a full-sized refrigerator that I picked up on craigslist for free. There are a number of types of minifridge that will also fit two kegs. These  could work for a bedroom or closet if you live in an apartment or other small hovel.

The system I purchased is from Midwest Supplies and I love it. I have made a few modifications and additions to it over the last few years but is a fantastic start for the price.

Kegging is pretty rad and bottling is messy and irritating. It just makes sense to take those session beers that you blast through in a shorter time than it takes to bottle and toss it in a keg. Who doesn’t like (comparatively) instant gratification?

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One Response to Kegged up my 80/-

  1. Fergus Von Powerstorm says:

    Damn right. Can’t wait to get a keezer built. This one keg and a picnic tap thing is wearing thin.

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