Let’s start a club!

Hi. My name is Chris and I am a homebrewer…

I am also a homebrewer without a club. I have tried a few local ones and none seem to have stuck. I don’t want it to sound like they didn’t work out for any particular reason, they just weren’t my cup of tea. I have been mulling it over for a while and thought, “Well, why not get a group of Denver homebrewers and beer enthusiasts together for our own sort of club.” I think it could be a good time and wil also be awesome to not drive to the suburbs to put a buzz on. Hell, I am of the opinion that it is critical that you should be able to ride your bike to your homebrew club.

“Club” sounds so exclusive. I’d like to think of it more as a casual discussion group where any opinion on beer and brewing are welcome. Something easy where we taste each others’ creations and talk about them. I am totally open to the evolution of the thing and interested to see where something like this could go. Denver is rich in beer-nerds and I am pretty sure that a lot of you nerds out there brew. If you are anything like me you like talking about brewing almost as much as you like doing it.

Anyway, that is the idea. Tuesday night maybe once a month to start and we will see if it is sustainable. I will offer my garage up for this but as winter comes on I may have to reach out to some of my beery haunts to see if we can get a venue where we can sip freely without freezing to death.

Well then, I am up for suggestions and open to any thoughts on how this could go. There are many types of homebrewers out there and I want to have them represented.




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